Five ways to redeem yourself:

Many people these days are angry with others and their-selves. That can also lead to depression and self consciousness if it continues on. Unfortunately, anger can also lead to tragedies and we face that every second of the day. Remember anger is ignorance and we need to stop it all together. Even if we don’t love each other, it’s too much energy to hate and kill one another. The reason why I’m writing this blog is because right now, I’m surrounded by anger and it’s making me angry as well. I love positive surroundings which is why I love positive people. I’m giving five tips that may help redeem the soul just a little bit. Today is so bright, being angry is draining.  Here’s five tips:

Yoga: Even though it’s an exercise, it’s also a great source of meditation. Maybe your having a bad day and need something to clear your mind, yoga is definitely something to take consideration of to clear the mind, body and soul.

Writing: I do this a lot to vent out my feelings. It’s something I do and love and nine times out of ten, it works.  People claim they can’t write.. There’s no such thing. Feelings are feelings that need to be expressed and it’ll work if you have faith in it. After all, it’s your eyes only.

Counseling: Go to your local church or community center and speak to someone if you cannot speak to your family or anyone that doesn’t give you positive feedback. Sometimes it helps to talk to someone.

Leave others alone and turn up the speakers: If you are musically influenced, go right ahead and listen to empowering music. It’ll also give you an appreciation of something you love. Maybe motivation to write a song, poem or novel. Don’t listen to bull crap music that’s all SOUND with no words.

Self defense classes/martial arts: Not promoting violence, but this does help for the simple fact you’re releasing energy from the mind and body.

Another way to redeem yourself, is to pamper yourself. Take a day of relaxation at the spa and get a massage. It eases the muscles and your mind as well. Thanks, Tom Baker for your input. 🙂

You can also comment this blog and leave comments of your tips!  🙂



  1. There are also people who have a short fuse. They let things or people bother them easily and they like to jump down your throats. People who are short tempered have never learned for whatever reason to control their anger and in my mind shows a lack of maturity. Children like that are said to be in their terrible twos, or throwing temper tantrums. We expect children to act like that but when adults do it, its a real shame. Immaturity is fine in children but in adults it is pathetic.

    I would like to add getting a massage or going to a spa to your list of tips. Great post. Accentuate the positive.

  2. You have a very valid point. I’ve seen it happen when people flip out for little to no apparent reason at all. The simple fact in my opinion, I don’t believe they could handle “stress” all at once or expect a hand out. Some may just do that for attention. I like your post and thank you for the tip! I’ll be sure to add it on and credit you for it. 🙂 Thanks again!

  3. Hey, I found your blog on Tom Baker’s “Promote Your Blog Dare” and I thought I would check you out. This is a really good post. Sometimes it’s hard to manage things when you are so close to the situation, but reading some ideas is a good way to help focus on being positive and not angry. Thanks! take care, Lola
    Check out my blog if you want,

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